Post degree confusion 

2 weeks of freedom and counting…. 

Sitting watching TV, completing a crossword or starting a new craft project suddenly takes a whole new twist. No longer does guilt constantly plague my mind, bugging me that there is work to be done, a problem that needs to be solved or a textbook that could be read. 

For 3 years I have longed for that freedom of not having to constantly do my degree, but now the prospect of not having to do maths everyday has hit me. This subject that I worked so hard to learn, the focus of my life for at least 5 years, is now deemed redundant within my life, a concept that’s hard to come to terms with.

Having struggled with the degree, I had longed for this day, but faced with it, I suddenly feel incredibly lost. Two weeks in and I miss not only my university lifestyle, but also the subject itself. To put it bluntly; two weeks in and I’m bored as hell.

So what next? 


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