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The good life- did we miss a trick?

As a kid I used to love watching the TV show ‘The Good Life’ – if you haven’t seen it then have a browse on youtube.

The good life follows Tom and Barbara, when, after hitting his 40th birthday Tom decides that they should try to live a self sufficient life, (in the middle of London!) where they grow there own food, live off grid and recycle. This fantastic show from 1975 is a classic comedy but have we failed to take on board the environment tips along the way?

The show certainly increased allotment gardening, benefiting many households across the country and creating a new mind set where self sufficiency is more socially acceptable and understood. But did the comedy aspect cloud any chance of truley influencing mindsets? Only 44.3% of household waste was recycled in 2015 – with local recycling rates ranging from 15-67% (UK waste stats) . Although this is a vast improvement since the 70’s and even 2000, why is it taking us so long to change mindsets when such a vast proportion of the population would have been exposed to TV shows promoting recycling?

Moving out has given me the perfect opportunity to reflect on my own habits and monitor our output as a family- something I’m keen to reduce in any way I can. The recent change to fortnightly waste collections has made this even more of a focus and hopefully will prompt other households to do the same- at the end of the day, we are all in this together!


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