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The pie that’s 10 years in the making

When I got home from work this afternoon I thought I’d be productive and finally start up running again- turns out getting into my running gear does not stop me falling asleep on the sofa! Anyway I feel like I’ve made up for it slightly (although I’ve scrapped the idea of running today), after finally making a pie in the pie dish I bought 10 years ago… 

In true quirky fashion, when being given £100 to buy my first phone as a teenager I promptly spent the least amount possible (how I spent less than £60 on a phone I do not know!), then went straight to Lakeland to spend the rest. Alas the fancy pie dish, half loaf tin and WI cookbook became mine, with both the pie dish and half loaf tin then hiding in my cupboards until moving house again this year. So 10 years on all three have now been used and I am now a member of the WI myself- with my mum and I being the two youngest members in our group!

Post nap pie making with the OH proved very successful! We made a gammon, leek and potato pie based on a BBC Good Food recipe, but switching it up with gammon and short crust pastry to fit with what we had in the fridge. The recipe is really easy to follow and pretty affordable so I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has not made a pie before- you’ll wonder why it took you so long to try it!

It was jam packed with filling and can be made in advance which is always handy! So overall pretty chuffed with this one 😊


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