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A morning maze for Harley

Slowly but surely I’m getting back into my daily habits, although I’m currently deprived of my usual daily biscuit feast, but that’s another story. Harley has been with us for two whole months this weekend, which is pretty crazy! And, finally, the flow of my routine is settling to accommodate having a dependant being in my life, highlighting just how unprepared for children I am!

This is the year in which I reach the age my Mum was when she had me… A pretty crazy thought to get my head around! For now I think I’ll settle with having a dog and leopard gecko, both can be left alone and cheered up with food…

So the project today was to amuse Harley inside for the morning while it was raining- bring on some games! The classic hiding treats in my hand or under cups worked well for a while, then we progressed to a little treat maze around the lounge. 😊

​I think this got the thumbs up from Harley and definitely kept him amused, even after the 5th time of repeating it!

Now time to up the Maze game by adding obstacles and hiding the treats more.


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