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Not quite Marley and me

As I’m sure you have noticed by now, my blog is mainly filled with two things: my puppy Harley and food. Hopefully I will continue to fill this space with not only my random inner ramblings, such as in my good life post, but many recipes to enjoy and general updates about life in a new home with a dog.

So I hope you enjoy following Harley’s adventure in the world as he grows older and visits new places and *hopefully* learns new tricks, but I also hope you’ll follow me as I figure out what post-degree life means for me – even if that just means baking more in the evenings!

I’m also lucky enough to live in the beautiful English countryside, and right by the coast, so hopefully my photography skills will develop and I’ll be able to give the world a tour of where I call home.

If you have any recipes to recommend or any puppy tips then leave a comment below!



5 thoughts on “Not quite Marley and me”

  1. Amazingly cute puppy! Fantastic location, English countryside… and post-degree life – I know what you mean- What’s next??? Looking forward to reading your posts! And the recipes are something I’m really looking forward to. Perhaps I’ll send along a couple some time.
    Sincerely, fellow new blogger and Canadian.


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