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Fight/flight- Time for a challenge 

Over the years my anxiety has been a constant battle, but I have found small things which I can do to control and manage it. 

Getting Harley has been fantastic- I’m never left alone in the house with my thoughts- but since finishing my degree I haven’t had a goal and that lost feeling is making it worse. So as per every time my anxiety peaks I set myself a stupid goal… but always linked to helping people so that I can’t back out. Potentially not the healthiest way of doing it, but in general it has worked for daily coping and motivation.

So in 2012 I signed up to volunteer in Romania for two weeks to help disadvantaged children. This was an amazing experience but I still don’t know how I actually did it! 

Camping in a field for two weeks with no electricity, running water and only a pit for a loo, it made me focus on what was important in my life. Of course working with the children and cuddling local puppies were a highlight!

In 2013 I spontaneously joined my university’s Triathlon club… as someone who was terrified of water! The kindness and support of the group meant that I learnt to swim, and although I never completed a triathlon, beating my fear of water was enough of an achievement.

Above is a photo from the first time I went in the sea out of my depth that summer! Although the smile is definitely forced- I was terrified and quickly swam back to the pedlo!

In 2014 I signed up for a 10k race, having done little to no training, raising money for Mind- the mental health charity, in the process. Somehow I finished in exactly an hour, not bad considering I had only ran at most 8k before!

For the next few years I set mini goals at university and focused on running events to help people… but it’s time for a new goal.

2017: The half marathon. So I have 5 months to go from not running at all (well for two years at least), to running a half marathon! I still can’t believe that I’m actually doing this, but I’m determined to set myself a goal that concentrates my current fight/flight feeling in a positive way. Going for a run after work should hopefully stop the nagging feeling of wanting to run away and hide that I have felt creeping back in for the last month. I will not let my anxiety dictate who I am and what I do.

The obvious choice, yet again, for me is to fundraise for Mind, as I have used there services in the last year to cope with the transitions in my life right now. If you have any running tips please comment below, or visit my justgiving page if you want to donate.


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