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Harley’s Mill adventure 

One of our local walks starts at an old water mill and then loops round the river, creating a great 1 hour loop. So I thought I’d challenge Harley to his longest walk yet and try and take some pictures at the same time!

One thing I hadn’t taken into account was the difficulty of bending down to get the shot right and being bombarded by a bouncy puppy! But we had great fun and hopefully you guys can get an insight into how beautiful the English countryside can be.

I love walking through here, the way that the forest has reclaimed the land creates a mysterious and ethereal feel- especially at this opening and by the old abandoned gates.

I wonder what this looked like when the gates and fence were first out in place. Despite my romantic notions from reading way to many books it is probably nothing significant, but I still imagine the old Mill workers and how this influenced there lives.

But anyway, ignore the ramblings of my imagination- Harley just wanted to have a good sniff and run!

It appears that his training is going welll- he certainly knows how to pose for a photo now!

Are there any places near you that make you wonder what it used to be like? 


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